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New conditions every day!

Hundreds of kilometers with a particular challenge: Dealing with the topography, wind, cold, heat, the reality of the moment, the transcendence, teamwork, duel against opponents. The team that will read better the race and make the right decisions at the right time, victorious.

Pmake in a race, it is the culmination of many months of training more often than solitary. When I get on my bike, I'm just happy. In training, I travel the roads in the area and I discover scenic spots that make me forget the long hours spent in the saddle. On the eve of a race, is the “meeting” Team. At what time of the confrontation, malgré the fébrilité, a good night's sleep is welcome. Early exercise, after a good breakfast, we ship to the start site of the race. The atmosphere is quiet and noiseless. We are preparing quietly, everyone in our bubble. There is only (1) the departure time. There furtive glances between competitors, a note of courtesy with an opponent. The climate is friendly but responsible for adrélaine.
There are only ten (10) minutes before departure. Mechanics have finished adjusting the final details to our horses. Sporting director transmits its latest guidance and encouragement in ensuring that all took understood the game plan because the goal is nothing less than victory. Despite the early hour, hundreds of cycling enthusiasts are waiting for you. There are only 30 seconds, the starting signal is given, we begin a new race 215 kilometers. This is the moment of truth because it will hurt, time to face adversity and make this day, the most beautiful days that is… Really happy biking !
Our team plays on the circuit World Tour. Apart from the major competitions such as the Giro d'Italia, the Tour of Spain, Tour de Suisse, Tour de France, there is also the spring classics culminating in the legendary race Paris – Roubaix !
I am proud to ride with Cannondale Pro Cycling Team based in Italy. It goes without saying that cycling is part of the genetic code of the Italians. Our team consists of atlhètes from several countries. Our team is certainly one of the best teams in the World Tour with Peter Sagan, Yvan Basso, Elián Viviani !
From the month of January began with the Tour of Australia, Then it was Taiwan, the Turquie, the Californias, Switzerland and many other world-class competitions. My work mate is essential. I will also have the opportunity to be assigned as a leader in certain competitions when the sports management deems appropriate !
We meet cycling enthusiasts worldwide. There has overexcited fans form a narrow corridor on the course. Despite the media circus that surrounds cycling level World Tour, there is nothing more rewarding than relying on the support of loyal supporters. Your encouragement is appreciated are more. Thank you for being there to follow our travels!

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A world-class organization

  • Code known professional ethics and shared all;
  • Athletic Director seasoned with great strategic and tactical experience;
  • Esprit de corps of teammates who seek nothing less than victory;
  • Owners and Sponsors committed and supportive of the objectives of the team;
  • Program development and structured training;
  • Framed and supported by renowned fitness trainers;
  • Treated by sports physicians and physiotherapists experience;
  • Bikes and equipment spotless with advanced technology and a team of mechanics meticulous;
  • Hundred times on the job to constantly progress.

Many of you follow my races!

You can count on my commitment and my loyalty!

Since its first competitions, William showed that he would become an exceptional Splinter, a quality sought by all cycling teams because very few have the gift of being able to explode the finish line. As Bernard said Hineault, this is not the 200 first kilometers are important but 200 last meters. Guillaume has shown us in the world road championships as U23 winning the bronze medal. William has all the qualities to be part of the best riders on the track World Tour. I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the things William!
Roger Filion, Hall of Fame of the Quebec cycling
I got to know William in junior while we traveled the roads of the Montérégie together several times before running in the same team when he was older than 19 years. Already at this age, he had very good physiological capacities, but also a maturity and determination unusual. With a very good head on his shoulders and positive mood every morning, William was always interested in learning more experienced riders and it was already clear that he had a desire to go as far as possible in this sport. His career is already a great success, but no doubt that the best is yet to come for this hardworking!
Dominique Perras, Former professional cyclist and now Sportscaster
From the beginning of his career in the cadet category, William is distinguished not only by its undeniable athleticism, but also his determination and fighting spirit, which earned him finish second overall in the Quebec Cup. Upon his arrival in the junior, he managed to shine and impress the national selectors which earned him a first selection for the Junior Road World Championships. After winning the national title in the junior criterium in 2007, is in 2009, as it evolves in the U23 category that really impresses by winning the Canadian Road Championships Elite and U23. With this new confidence gained, William shows he is a full riders, can grow on all fronts, even if the sprint is still his best weapon. In 2010, William wrote a history by becoming the first male Quebec cyclist to win a medal at the World Road Championships, by winning bronze in the road race in Australia. These performances and qualities of finishing make him a coveted runner, a one 2013, He joined the team on the circuit Cannondale World Tour, team he is still a member. Talented, determined and passionate about the sport, William has all the qualities to have a long and beautiful cycling career. Congratulations and good luck in pursuing your dreams!
Louis Barbeau, General manager, Quebec Cycling Federation

On the world's roads!

It is the discovery of landscapes, residents, and especially, topography!