"Sport fetches fear to dominate, fatigue to overcome, the difficulty to overcome. "

Stone coubertin

Each race is the & rsquo; opportunity to excel, d & rsquo; learn, d & rsquo; be best… Of course the & rsquo; objective remains to win… There are many d & rsquo; imponderable: the course, the wind, weathering, the falls… Above all, j & rsquo; have passion for my sport and I just intended to give the best of myself in every practice and every race… Thank you d & rsquo; be there to support me…

Journey Continues.

Make our brand and access to Great Tours 2018.

The competition is up, but it motivates us more each time. The races are hard but it forces us to go for the & rsquo; energy deep within ourselves. We continue to progress… Journey Continues ... For tomorrow there is a new race that awaits us with the opportunity to win ... That's the beauty of sport.

At the meeting of cultures and people.

Cycling us united in our diversity.

Teammates from nine (9) pays.
New experiences.
Nations to learn.
World Championship 2015, Richmond, USA.

I had already raced against Taylor Phinney at the Tour de l'Abitibi few years ago. I also rode him against the U23 World Championships in Australia 2010 or we finished the race together, tied for 3rd place. Bronze we shared in friendship.

This time, rolling at the World Championships in Richmond in the US before the supporters of Taylor was an amazing experience with the delirium of Americans who believed to see happen a breakaway that would succeed… Sadly, the peloton decided otherwise… And especially, my former teammate Peter Sagan made everyone lie by arrogating hands down the title of World Champion.

Lasting memories.

A sporting journey towards new horizons.

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My first experience as a professional cyclist with the Canadian pro-continental team SpiderTech founded and directed by the legendary Steve Bauer. Since, there were no team at this level in Canada ...
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I'm in my 7th year on the professional circuit and I am more motivated than ever to continue the adventure. With the accumulated experience, I am very proud to contribute to the success of my team Cycling Academy.
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I am proud to have rolled with the World Tour Cannondale Pro Cycling Team in the company of the best that are including Peter Sagan, a teammate brimming with talent and a very colorful enthusiasm.
30,000 km per year on saddle.
As used tires.
Calendar races.
A weekly appointment.
Country / hosts competitions.
Courses to know.
Cafés Espresso.
Just to keep awake.
Stunning views of the region.
tuscany, Italy

I enjoy taking time to contemplate nature.

A moment of relaxation.
Lucas, Italy

Time to relax after a long day of training.


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