What are synonyms for statistics?

List of paraphrases: statistical, statistic, statistique, stats, figures, statistiques, estadísticas, data, statistik, statistically.

Correspondingly, what is another word for metrics?

Synonyms. unit of measurement metric linear unit metric capacity unit metric weight unit metric unit weight unit unit. Antonyms. unimportance misconception sufficient insufficient scarce. Etymology.

Beside above, how do you use statistics in a sentence?

statistics Sentence Examples. The most recent statistics show the disease to be diminishing. The following table is from the statistics of Professor H. See Annuario statistico -ilaliano (not, however, issued regularly each year) for general statistics; and other official publications; W.

What is the antonym of evaluate?

Antonyms. criticize add multiply divide subtract distrust mistrust. Synonyms. valuate praise judge pass judgment measure.

What are examples of statistics?

Some include: Sample mean and sample median. Sample variance and sample standard deviation. Sample quantiles besides the median, e.g., quartiles and percentiles. Test statistics, such as t statistics, chi-squared statistics, f statistics.

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