What channel is Dr house on?

Fox Broadcasting Company

Similarly one may ask, who is Dr House in real life?

Hugh Laurie

What kind of doctor is house supposed to be?

Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) – Department Head: Diagnostic Medicine. Dr. Gregory House is a rebellious diagnostician with a double specialty in infectious disease and nephrology.

What is wrong with House’s leg?

A portion of the show’s plot centers on House’s habitual use of Vicodin to manage pain stemming from a leg infarction involving his quadriceps muscle some years earlier, an injury that forces him to walk with a cane. This addiction is also one of the many parallels to Holmes, who was a habitual user of cocaine.

What episode of House does Cuddy get a baby?

In episode “Joy to the World”, Cuddy becomes a foster mother and potential adoptive mother to a baby girl she names Rachel. She initially struggles with motherhood, revealing to Wilson that she feels nothing for Rachel but soon begins to bond with her.

Do House and Cuddy ever get together?

Something changed when House and Cuddy kissed in the fifth season episode, “Joy.” Slowly, but surely, the show started to become more and more about whether or not these two would get together, culminating with a hook-up in one of House’s Vicodin-induced hallucinations in the season finale.

Is Cameron in love with House?

Cameron falsely concludes that House isn’t capable of love until Stacy Warner comes back into House’s life and it’s clear that he is in love with her. Cameron accepts that House doesn’t love her and stops pursuing him. However, she doesn’t stop loving him.

Why did Cuddy leave the hospital?

First was the character arc that Lisa Cuddy, Edelstein’s character underwent throughout Season 7. So most likely, Cuddy chose to leave the hospital out of frustration and sorrow for what happened. The second reason is due to budget cuts for the eighth season, which at the time wasn’t entirely a sure thing for renewal.

What episode of House does Wilson get cancer?

He was diagnosed with stage II thymoma in the Season 8 episode “Body and Soul”. In the end of the subsequent episode (in which Wilson and House take an abrupt vacation, and Wilson assumes a much more carefree personality), House performed a CT scan to check the status of the cancer.

How did Mr Wilson die in The Great Gatsby?

George Wilson seeks the name and identity of the person driving the car that struck and killed his wife, thinking that it is also the man with whom she was having an affair. Finding his way to West Egg, he kills Gatsby and then himself. We find out later that it was Tom who gave Wilson Gatsby’s name.

When did Wilson from Home Improvement pass away?

Earl Hindman was born on October 20, 1942 in Bisbee, Arizona, USA as Earl John Hindman. He was an actor, known for Silverado (1985), The Parallax View (1974) and Home Improvement (1991). He was married to Molly McGreevy. He died on December 29, 2003 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

How did Wilson die on home improvement?

‘Home Improvement’ Actor Dies. 1997/2/4 Earl Hindman as Wilson in scene from tv series “Home Improvement.” Actor Earl Hindman, best known for playing a neighbor whose face was forever obscured by a fence on the television show “Home Improvement,” died of lung cancer Monday in Stamford, Conn. He was 61.

Where is home improvement based?

The Taylors live in suburban Detroit, and have a neighbor named Wilson (Earl Hindman) who is often the go-to guy for solving the Taylors’ problems. Tim is a stereotypical American male, who loves power tools, cars, and sports. In particular, he is an avid fan of local Detroit teams.

Where is the house used in last man standing?

Stage 9, CBS Studio Center – 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA (studio)

How much is Taylor Thomas Worth?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Estimated Net Worth: $15 Million.

What is Tim Allen’s salary?

Network primetime salaries per episodeNameProgramSalaryCharlie SheenTwo and a Half Men$1.8 millionRay RomanoEverybody Loves Raymond$1.7 millionKelsey GrammerFrasier$1.6 millionTim AllenHome Improvement$1.25 million

What is the net worth of Patricia Richardson?

Patricia Richardson net worth: Patricia Richardson is an American television and film actress who has a net worth of $25 million dollars. Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Patricia Richardson began her professional career on Broadway as an understudy in the cast of “Gypsy: A Musical Fable”.

What is the net worth of Richard Karn?

Richard Karn net worth: Richard Karn is an American actor and game show host who has a net worth of $8 million.

How much is Zachery Ty Bryan worth?

How much is Zachery Ty Bryan Worth? Zachery Ty Bryan net worth: Zachery Ty Bryan is an American actor who has a net worth of $8 million. Zachery Brown is probably most famous for playing the role of Brad Taylor on the TV series Home Improvement.

How much money does Tim Allen make a year?

Tim Allen’s net worth is $80 million.

Who played Randy in home improvement?

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