What color blue is in the Puerto Rican flag?

In 1952, the commonwealth government adopted the pro-independence flag as the official flag of Puerto Rico, changing its sky blue to navy blue so that it resembled the United States’ flag, and stripping it of its revolutionary past.

Also, what does the blue on the Puerto Rico flag mean?

Each part of this flag has its own meaning. The three red stripes represent the blood from the brave warriors. The two white stripes represent the victory and peace that they would have after gaining independence. The white star represented the island of Puerto Rico. The blue represents the sky and blue coastal waters.

Likewise, why was the Puerto Rican flag banned?

Law 53 of 1948 better known as the Gag Law, (Spanish: Ley de La Mordaza) was an act enacted by the Puerto Rico legislature of 1948, with the purpose of suppressing the independence movement in Puerto Rico. The bill was signed into law on June 10, 1948 by Jesús T. Piñero, the United States-appointed governor.

Why is the Cuban flag red white and blue?

The three blue stripes represent the three departments in which Cuba was divided at that time, the white purity of ideals, the light; the red triangle, originating from the French Revolution – and the three ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity: red for the blood and the courage; the star was the new state that

What happened in Puerto Rico in 1952?

A referendum on a new constitution was held in Puerto Rico on 3 March 1952. On November 1, 1950 two Puerto Rican Nationalists had attempted assassination of the United States President Harry S. Truman. They claimed they were retaliating for US cooperation in repressing 1950 nationalist revolts on the island.

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