What is a blue flag with a white star?

The Bonnie Blue Flag was an unofficial banner of the Confederate States of America at the start of the American Civil War in 1861. It consists of a single, five-pointed white star on a blue field. It closely resembles the flags of the short-lived Republic of West Florida of 1810, Congo under Belgian rule, and Somalia.

Also, what countries have blue flags?

Gold, red, blue

  • Åland Islands (Finnish autonomous territory)
  • Andorra – with other color symbol.
  • Armenia.
  • Armenian SSR, Soviet Union (1952–1990)
  • Arizona, United States – blue, red, gold and copper.
  • Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union (1952–1991)
  • Cañar Province, Ecuador.
  • Chad.
  • Which country flag has a white cross?

    The flag of Switzerland consists of a red flag with a white cross (a bold, equilateral cross) in the centre. It is one of only two square sovereign-state flags, the other being the flag of Vatican City.

    What country flag is white with a blue cross?

    The flag of Finland (Finnish: Suomen lippu, Swedish: Finlands flagga), also called siniristilippu (“Blue Cross Flag”), dates from the beginning of the 20th century. On a white background, it features a blue Nordic cross, which represents Christianity.

    What country has a blue flag with a white star?

    Flag of Somalia. A single white five-pointed star centered on a light blue field.

    What is Somalia well known for?

    Somalia is located on the Horn of Africa, a strategic position in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The highest point in Somalia is Shimbiris (2,416 m) in the north of the country. Somalia was known to the Egyptians as the Land of Punt. Punt was famous for frankincense and myrrh.

    Why is Somalia flag blue?

    The flag of Somalia was officially adopted on October 12, 1954. The blue field is the same shade used by the United Nations. The five-pointed white “Star of Unity” is symbolic of the Somali race found in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and the former associated British and Italian colonies.

    What flags have stars?

    . . Flags with Star(s) . .VietnamMoroccoSomaliaCameroonSenegalBurkina FasoPanamaSao Tome and PrincipeSyriaAzerbaijanChinaArubaLiberiaSolomon IslandsUnited States

    What is the blue and yellow flag in Nascar?

    A light blue flag, sometimes with a diagonal yellow, orange, or red stripe, informs a driver that a faster car is approaching and that the driver should move aside to allow one or more faster cars to pass.

    What is the yellow blue and red flag?

    The horizontal stripes (from top to bottom) of yellow, blue and red tricolor have a ratio of 2:1:1. It—together with that of Ecuador, also derived from the flag of Gran Colombia—is different from most other tricolor flags, either vertical or horizontal, in having stripes which are not equal in size.

    What is the Bonnie Blue Flag song about?

    A symbol of secession, the “Bonnie Blue Flag” was an unofficial flag of the Confederate States of America. It was especially popular during the war’s early years. The song by the same name combined lyrics written in 1861 by Harry McCarthy with the tune “The Irish Jaunting Car.”

    What country has a red flag with a yellow star?

    According to the 1992 constitution: “The National Flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is rectangular in shape, its width is equal to two thirds of its length, in the middle of fresh red background is a bright five-pointed golden star”.

    What is the jack on a flag?

    A jack is a national (originally naval) flag flown from a short jackstaff at the bow of a vessel, while the ensign is flown on the stern. Jacks on bowsprits or foremasts appeared in the 17th century. The United Kingdom has an official civil jack; the Netherlands has several unofficial ones.

    How many stars are on a rebel flag?

    The flag’s stars represented the number of states in the Confederacy. The distance between the stars decreased as the number of states increased, reaching thirteen when the secessionist factions of Kentucky and Missouri joined in late 1861.

    What country has 27 stars on its flag?

    The shining star in constellation represent the size of territory of the state in the Brazilian region (constellation). The flag of Brazil contains 27 stars, representing the Brazilian states and the Federal District.

    What country’s flag is blue yellow and red?

    The national flag of Romania (Romanian: drapelul României) is a tricolor with vertical stripes, beginning from the flagpole: blue, yellow and red. It has a width-length ratio of 2:3.

    What is the red flag with a green star?

    Article 7: The emblem of the Kingdom shall be a red flag with a five-pointed green star in the centre. (…) The green pentagram shown on the national flag of Morocco is often called Solomon’s seal.

    What is the flag of Somaliland?

    The new flag of Somaliland, the former British part of Somalia which declared its independence some years ago, is three equal horizontal stripes of green-white-red. On the green stripe is the “shahada” in white script, exactly like in the flag of Saudi Arabia. The white strip contains a black five pointed star.

    Why is the Liberian flag similar to the American flag?

    The Flag of Liberia or the Liberian flag bears a close resemblance to the flag of the United States, showing the freed American and ex-Caribbean slaves offspring and bloodline origins of the country. The Liberian flag has similar red and white stripes, as well as a blue square with a white star in the canton.

    What is the flag of Hong Kong?

    Flag of Hong Kong. The flag of Hong Kong features a white, stylised, five-petal Hong Kong orchid tree (Bauhinia blakeana) flower in the centre of a red field. Its design was adopted on 4 April 1990 at the Third Session of the Seventh National People’s Congress.

    What flag is red with a blue cross?

    Flag of Norway. The flag of Norway is a red with an indigo blue Scandinavian cross fimbriated in white that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark.

    What state has a green white and red flag?

    The flag of Italy (Bandiera d’Italia), often referred to in Italian as il Tricolore; is a tricolour featuring three equally-sized vertical pales of green, white and red, with the green at the hoist side.

    What do the stars on the flag mean?

    The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America, and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and became the first states in the U.S. Nicknames for the flag include the Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, and the Star

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