What is a burrow hole?

A burrow is a hole or tunnel excavated into the ground by an animal to create a space suitable for habitation, temporary refuge, or as a byproduct of locomotion.

Consequently, which animal lives in a burrow?

However, the most well-known burrowers are probably mammals, especially the mole, gopher, groundhog (also known as a woodchuck), and rabbit. Bears are most likely the largest burrowing animals. They use shelters such as caves, as well as dug-out earthen and snow burrows, as their dens.

Do rabbits live in burrows?

Rabbit habitats include meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, deserts and wetlands. Rabbits live in groups, and the best known species, the European rabbit, lives in underground burrows, or rabbit holes. A group of burrows is called a warren. More than half the world’s rabbit population resides in North America.

Which animals live in a den?

That’s what skunks, mink, and raccoons do. These animals often take over abandoned dens, while opossums and foxes have been known to move in with the original owner of a multichambered den. Bear in mind that you might not even see some holes.

Which animal lives in a pen?

Australia and New Zealand. In Australia and New Zealand a pen is a small enclosure for livestock (especially sheep or cattle), which is part of a larger construction, e.g. calf pen, forcing pen (or yard) in sheep or cattle yards, or a sweating pen or catching pen in a shearing shed.

Do rabbits burrow underground?

According to Wikipedia, “All rabbits except cottontails live underground in burrows or warrens.” And the University of California Rabbit Management page states that ‘fencing must be sunk 6 to 10 inches into the ground and a few inches should be buried laterally to deter rabbits from digging beneath it.’

Which animal carries its home with it?

Shells – Many animals with soft bodies actually carry their homes with them! These homes are called shells and the hard exterior of the shells help protect the animals inside. Most animals such as snails, crabs, and turtles have ‘built on’ shells.

What town is the burrows in?

The Burrow is the rural home of the Weasley family, located near the fictional town of Ottery St. Catchpole.

What is a sentence for Burrow?

Use burrow in a sentence. Two prairie dogs looking out from their burrows. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. The definition of a burrow is a small hole in the ground or a den created by an animal.

Do all groundhogs have tails?

Like other squirrels, groundhogs have long tails that grow around 7 to 9.75 in (18 to 25 cm) long. These round creatures look like little bears when they stand up on their hind legs. Groundhogs also have sharp claws that they use to dig impressive burrows in the ground.

What kind of animal lives in a lair?

A lair is a wild animal’s den. If you ever find yourself in a forest and face to face with a bear trying to lure you into his lair, beware! He may be plotting to eat you. The noun lair has its roots in the Old English leger, meaning “bed, couch, place of lying down.”

Do rats dig holes in the yard?

The rat burrow itself rarely goes farther down in the ground than 18 inches but can be much deeper when rats are trying to dig under foundations. Burrows are usually less than 3 feet long with a central nest area filled with leaves, grass, or soft debris. A rat burrow will have extra bolt, or escape, holes as well.

Who lives in a coop?

A chicken coop or hen house is a small house where, typically, female chickens or other fowl are kept safe and secure. There are nest boxes found inside the hen houses for egg-laying, and perches on which the birds can sleep.

Do all snakes burrow?

Snakes travel along the ground, up trees, through water and underground. Although some snakes burrow, most do not and are just traveling through existing holes that were created by chipmunks, mice and other small mammals. Snakes hibernate in these burrows as well as in rock crevices and hollows.

Do skunks have Burrows?

When skunks are found in urban and suburban settings, they are known to burrow under residential structures such as decks, porches, and concrete slabs. In doing so, skunks can cause structural damage over time. They can also damage lawns, gardens, and even golf courses when they dig for insect grubs in the soil.

What animals live in Canadian prairies?

North America – American toad, badger, black-footed ferret, bison, black-tailed jack rabbit, bumble bee, burrowing owl, California condor, carrion beetle, common snipe, coyote, deer, dragonfly, eagles, eastern cottontail, elk, ferruginous hawk, fox snake, golden owl, gopher snake, grasshopper, gray wolf, ground

What is the name of a horse House?

A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept. It most commonly means a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals. The term “stable” is also used to describe a group of animals kept by one owner, regardless of housing or location.

What animals live in Drey?

A drey – uncommonly spelled dray – is the nest of a tree squirrel or a flying squirrel. Dreys are usually built of twigs, dry leaves, and grass, and typically assembled in the forks of a tall tree. They are sometimes referred to as “drey nests” to distinguish them from squirrel “cavity nests” (also termed “dens”).

What do you call a lion’s home?

Lions live in groups that are called prides. Ten to forty lions may live in a pride. Each pride has a home area that is called its territory. Lions do not allow other carnivores (meat-eating animals) to hunt in their territory. A territory can be as large as 260 square kilometres (100 square miles).

What do you call a male lion?

Lions are very social cats and live in groups called prides. Asiatic and African lion prides are very different, though. African lion prides consist of up to three males, around a dozen females, and their young, according to National Geographic. The females have a pride and the males have a pride.

What is the female version of a lion?

A female lion is called a lioness.

What is a female cat called?

A group of cats can be referred to as a clowder or a glaring; a male cat is called a tom or tomcat (or a gib, if neutered); an unspayed female is called a queen, especially in a cat-breeding context; and a juvenile cat is referred to as a kitten.

What is the female version of a wizard?

The male equivalent of witch is witch, (or sometimes warlock though a great many witches object to being called this* as a wholly negative term that originally meant “oath-breaker”) and the female equivalent of wizard is wizardess (or merely wizard under the general tendency from the late-20th century on to do away

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