What is a callable in Python?

A callable object is an object that can accept some arguments (also called parameters) and possibly return an object (often a tuple containing multiple objects). A function is the simplest callable object in Python, but there are others, such as classes or certain class instances.

In this manner, what is the use of __ call __ in Python?

The __call__ method enables Python programmers to write classes where the instances behave like functions. Both functions and the instances of such classes are called callables. It’s even possible to overload the “+” operator as well as all the other operators for the purposes of your own class.

Beside above, what is type () in Python?

Python | type() function. type() method returns class type of the argument(object) passed as parameter. type() function is mostly used for debugging purposes. If three arguments type(name, bases, dict) is passed, it returns a new type object.

What is __ Radd __ in Python?

__radd__ is only called if the left object does not have an __add__ method, or that method does not know how to add the two objects (which it flags by returning NotImplemented). Both classes have an __add__ method, which do not return NotImplemented.

What are the four main data types in Python?

Basic Data Types in Python

  • Integers.
  • Floating-Point Numbers.
  • Complex Numbers.
  • Strings. Escape Sequences in Strings. Raw Strings. Triple-Quoted Strings.
  • Boolean Type, Boolean Context, and “Truthiness”
  • Built-In Functions. Math. Type Conversion. Iterables and Iterators. Composite Data Type. Classes, Attributes, and Inheritance. Input/Output.
  • Conclusion.
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