What is a cat test Year 7?

CAT tests are tests given in state schools in year seven. They are used to measure potential and to some degree to highlight potential difficulties children may be facing. They are also sometimes used by schools as part of their justifications to Ofsted regarding added value or efficient measurement of progress.

Beside this, do Year 7 have exams?

Assessment in Years 7 to 9 There’s no mandatory national testing for students in Years 7 to 9, but teachers do have to do their own assessments of their progress and attainment.

One may also ask, what does a CAT score of 120+ mean?

The average CAT score used in state secondary schools is 100, so a CAT score 120 is the equivalent of top set at your local state comprehensive. Private school parents are often very sucessful, hard working and intelligent.

What grade should a Year 7 be getting?

At the end of Year 7, a student of high ability would achieve Grade ‘4c’ or above. student achieving a Grade ‘3b’ is on course for a Grade ‘5’ at the end of their GCSE. At the end of Year 8, a student of high ability would achieve Grade ‘4a’ or above.

Can you improve CAT scores?

You can significantly improve your scores in Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) by practicing the types of question that you will face.

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