What is a clinical setting?

More definitions of Clinical Setting Clinical Setting means a hospital, department, outpatient facility, or clinic whose primary purpose is sports medicine, rehabilitation, or wellness. Clinical Setting means a setting that accommodates patient care.

Besides, what is the difference between medical and clinical?

While there are a lot of similarities, the key difference is that medical treatment is intended to benefit and help you while using accepted procedures and products, whereas clinical research is intended to learn about a medication to potentially help patients in the future.

Also to know, what is a clinical team?

clinical team. A team of health professionals from different disciplines (e.g., nursing, psychiatry, occupational therapy, oncology, surgery, histopathology) who convene to discuss management of a particular condition in a particular patient. Segen’s Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc.

What is the role of a clinical officer?

A clinical officer performs general and specialized medical duties such as diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury, ordering and interpreting medical tests, performing routine medical and surgical procedures, referring patients to other practitioners and managing health departments, institutions, projects and

Who are the clinical staff?

“Clinical staff” includes, but is not limited to, credentialed physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses, nursing aides, medical technicians, therapists, and other individuals involved in the personal care or medical treatment of patients.

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