What is a common source epidemic?

A common-source outbreak is one in which a group of persons are all exposed to an infectious agent or a toxin from the same source.

In this way, where do common source epidemics begin?

Point source outbreaks (epidemics) involve a common source, such as contaminated food or an infected food handler, and all the exposures tend to occur in a relatively brief period.

Also to know, what is a mixed epidemic?

Mixed epidemics show characteristics of both common source and propagated epidemics. So a mixed epidemic can start with a common source and be followed by a propagated spread. Mixed epidemics are often caused by foodborne infectious agents. Typhoid fever can easily spread and become a propagated epidemic.

Is Ebola a pandemic?

The 2014 re-emergence of Ebola virus disease (EVD) quickly became the largest and deadliest outbreak of the disease ever recorded. In 1918, influenza virus—in the most deadly pandemic in the past century—killed an estimated 20 to 50 million people worldwide.

What does post pandemic period mean?

What does post-pandemic mean? It was also characterized by an almost complete dominance of the pandemic virus over other seasonal influenza viruses, and by unusual clinical patterns where the most severe cases occurred most often in younger age groups.

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