What is the meaning of LexisNexis?

LexisNexis Group is a corporation providing computer-assisted legal research as well as business research and risk management services. During the 1970s, LexisNexis pioneered the electronic accessibility of legal and journalistic documents.

What is LexisNexis Academic used for?

More than 2,000 U.S. universities choose LexisNexis Academic for its: Comprehensive, authoritative news content, including current coverage and deep archives. Extensive legal sources for federal and state cases and statutes, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1790.

Is LexisNexis a credit reporting agency?

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a reseller of credit information. LexisNexis Risk Solutions is considered to be a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) federal and state statutes; LexisNexis Risk Solutions is not a credit bureau or insurance company.

What is on a Lexisnexis report?

Access Your Reports. LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a leader in providing essential information that helps customers across industries and government predict, assess and manage risk. LexisNexis is committed to the responsible use of sensitive consumer information.

How much does a subscription to Lexisnexis cost?

Price Tag of New LexisNexis Research Tool for Solos Is $175 a Month. LexisNexis has a released a new legal research tool that will cost solo lawyers a flat fee of only $175 a month. Lexis Advance for Solos was designed specifically for solos and two-person law firms, according to Law.com and a LexisNexis press release.

What is the Nexis?

LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets.

What does Nexis mean?

A nexus is a central link or connection. If you happen to be at the nexus of something, you are right in the middle of it, like standing in the middle of an intersection. Nexus entered English during the seventeenth century from the Latin word nectere, meaning “to bind or tie.”

What does RELX stand for?

RELX Group (pronounced “Rel-ex”) is a British multinational information and analytics company headquartered in London. It operates in four market segments: scientific, technical and medical; risk and business analytics; legal; and exhibitions.

What is Westlaw used for?

Westlaw. Westlaw is an online legal research service for lawyers and legal professionals in the United States and is a product of Thomson Reuters. In addition, it provides proprietary database services. Most customers are attorneys or law students, but other individuals can also obtain accounts.

What is a CLUE report for auto insurance?

CLUE is a claims-information report generated by LexisNexis®, a consumer-reporting agency. The report generally contains up to seven years of personal-auto and personal-property claims history.

What is advanced Lexis?

Lexis Advance® is a legal research tool that is efficient and easy to use, and includes the following product features. Simplified search box. No source selection needed, but if you choose, you can limit your search by source, topic, category, jurisdiction, or practice area.

What is the definition of accurint?

Accurint® is the most widely accepted locate-and-research tool available to government, law enforcement and commercial customers. Its proprietary data-linking technology returns search results in seconds to the user’s desktop.

What does it mean to be Shepardized?

Shepardizing. A term used in the legal profession to describe the process of using a citator to discover the history of a case or statute to determine whether it is still good law. The expression is derived from the act of using Shepard’s Citations.

Why is it important to Shepardize?

Shepardizing cases (as well as statutes and other legal authorities) is important because a citation must be reliable. Lawyers and judges rely on previously decided cases to support their arguments or opinions. If the case cited is no longer good law, reliance on the case is faulty.

What is the purpose of Shepard’s Citations?

Shepard’s Citations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shepard’s Citations is a citator used in United States legal research that provides a list of all the authorities citing a particular case, statute, or other legal authority.

What does a Keycite do?

KeyCite is the citation service available on Westlaw. You can use KeyCite to view the history of a case, statute, administrative decision, or regulation to help determine whether it is good law and to retrieve citing references.

What is the role of a shepherd?

Flock Welfare. A shepherd’s primary responsibility is the safety and welfare of the flock. Some flocks may include as many as 1,000 sheep. The shepherd will graze the animals, herding them to areas of good forage, and keeping a watchful eye out for poisonous plants.

What does it mean when you say the Lord is my shepherd?

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. The speaker says that the Lord (God) is like a shepherd to him. This sets up an explicit metaphor in which humanity, or at least the community of believers, is a flock of sheep tended by God. Instead, he means that with God as his protector, he won’t lack anything he needs.

What is the meaning of still water?

Water that is located in an enclosed lake without a strong current and/or unflowing water. The water is generally not drinkable. Water that has been distilled has been filtered and purified to remove impurities (often from stillwater and saltwater).

What does Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death?

(idiomatic) A symbolic description of the world, meaning darkness and death are (symbolic) valleys on earth one must walk through, that is, part of the human experience. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me

What is the difference between rod and staff?

A second essential piece of shepherding equipment is a shepherd’s staff that is long and slender with a crook on the end. When tired, a shepherd leans on the staff or uses it to return a lamb to its mother. Sheep regularly see the shepherd use the rod and staff to protect, guide, lead, and get them out of jams.

Where is the Valley of the Dead?

Valley of Death refers to any of the numerous landforms named Death Valley. Its origins possibly lie in a literary element of Psalm 23 in the Bible. Valley of Death may refer to: Valley of Death (Bydgoszcz), the site of a 1939 Nazi mass murder and mass grave site in northern Poland.

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