What is the meaning of Mahabharata?

Mahabharata in British. (m?ˌh?ːˈb?ːr?t? ), Mahabharatam or Mahabharatum (m?ˌh?ːˈb?ːr?t?m ) an epic Sanskrit poem of India, dealing chiefly with the struggle between two rival families. It contains many separate episodes, the most notable of which is the Bhagavad-Gita.

In this way, why is the Mahabharata important?

The Mahabharata is an important source of information on the development of Hinduism between 400 bce and 200 ce and is regarded by Hindus as both a text about dharma (Hindu moral law) and a history (itihasa, literally “that’s what happened”).

Why is it called Mahabharata?

Jaya was about spiritual victory, Vijaya was about material victory, Bharata was the story of a clan and the last version included all the wisdom of the land called Bharat-varsha (India) that’s why it was named Mahabharat. The Mahabharata is named Mahabharata which literally means The Great Warrior.

When the Mahabharata was written?

The oldest preserved parts of the text are thought to be not much older than around 400 BCE, though the origins of the epic probably fall between the 8th and 9th centuries BCE. The text probably reached its final form by the early Gupta period (c. 4th century CE).

Who was the Mahabharat Arjun?

Arjuna is one of the heroes of the massive Indian epic named “The Mahabharata”, the longest Indian epic. He is the third of the five Pandava brothers, officially the son of king Pandu and his two wives Kunti (who is also known as Pritha) and Madri.

Who killed shakuni Mama?

Death. After the Game of Dice episode in the Mahabharata, the youngest of the Pandava brothers Sahadeva had taken an oath to avenge Draupadi’s insult and had sworn to kill Shakuni, the mastermind of the episode. As sworn, Shakuni was killed by Sahadeva on the eighteenth day of the Kurukshetra war.

How many wives did Arjun have?

Arjuna had several wives, namely, Draupadi, Subhadra (Krishna’s sister), Ulupi and Chitrangada. He had four sons from his wives, namely, Srutakirti, Iravan, Babruvahana and the great warrior prince, Abhimanyu.

How did the five Pandavas die?

Bhima asks Yudhishthira why Draupadi died early and couldn’t continue the journey to heaven. Yudhishthira claims that Draupadi suffered from the vice of partiality, in her affections for Arjuna. The remaining Pandavas continue their journey. Next, Sahadeva dies on the way.

Who was killed by Bhima?

At a later stage, Bhima also married Valandhara, the daughter of the king of Kasi, and had a son named Sarvada. Among Bhima’s three sons, Sarvada did not participate in the Kurukshetra war, Sutasoma was killed by Ashwatthama and Ghatotkacha was killed by Karna.

What was the height of Bhima?

According to Mahabharata Arjuna was very strong and only one “angushth”(~ 2 inches) shorter than Bhima. It means if Bhima was around 7 fts tall than Arjuna was 6 fts and 10 inches tall. The actual height of Bhim in mahabharata was 70 feet tall.

How does Bhishma die?

Using Sikhandhi as a shield, Arjuna shot arrows at Bhishma, piercing his entire body. Thus, as was preordained (Mahadeva’s boon to Amba that she would be the cause of Bhishma’s death) Shikhandi, that is, Amba reincarnated was the cause of Bhishma’s fall.

What is the age of Duryodhana when he died?

Karna was of age 107 years when he died on 17th day of Mahabharata War (BCE 3138). Karna was born in BCE 3245 when Pritha (Kunti) was of age 13 years and unmarried.

Who has killed the demon Bakasur?

After Bhima killed the demon cannibal Bakasura, a Shiva Lingam was established here, which today is well known and famed as “Bhayaharan Nath Dham”, with the story of the Pandavas and Bakasura, the indelible marks of history.

What is the age of Lord Krishna when he died?

Unheard story of Lord Krishna’s death! Lord Krishna who helped the Pandavas in the Mahabharat, died after the Great War. There are many arguments about his death. While some believe that Krishna died at the age of 125, the other set of people on the basis of research done on his life say that he was 88 when he died.

Who is the father of Karna?

Neither of them knows that Karna was in fact Kunti’s eldest son, born to the Sun God Surya. When Karna asked him what he could do to repay him, Duryodhana told him that all he wanted was his friendship. Karna later married women belonging to the Suta caste, as per the wishes of his foster father Adiratha.

Who is the wife of Karna?


Who was Karna’s son?

Sushena was killed in the war by Bhima. Satyasena, Chitrasena and Susharma died in the hands of Nakula. Karna’s eldest son Vrasasena died during the last days of the war when Karna was the commanded the battle forces. Vrasasena was killed by Arjuna.

What was the name of Karna wife?


Who is the son of Lord Krishna?

Pradyumna was son of Lord Krishna and 61st grandson of Adinarayan. His mother was Rukmini, whom Lord Krishna got from her father Bhimkashen Narayan and brother Bhimkaraya Rukmi. Pradyumna was born in Dvaraka.

How Lord Krishna was killed?

According to the Mahabharata, a fight breaks out at a festival among the Yadavas, who end up killing each other. Mistaking the sleeping Krishna for a deer, a hunter named Jara shoots an arrow that fatally injures him. Krishna forgives Jara and dies.

What is the name of Lord Krishna’s wife?

Though Rukmini and Satyabhama enjoy worship as the consorts of the married king Krishna, the others do not enjoy this honour. A young cowherd Krishna is worshipped with his lover Radha. Kalindi, the goddess of river Yamuna, is worshipped independently. Besides the Ashtabharya, Krishna had 16,000 or 16,100 junior wives.

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