What is the NBA record for most wins in a season?

Most wins, seasonValueEntity73Golden State Warriors2015-1672Chicago Bulls1995-9669Los Angeles Lakers1971-7269Chicago Bulls1996-97

Herein, who are the top 5 players in the NBA right now?

  • 1 LeBron James. Small Forward, Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • 2 Kevin Durant. Small Forward, Golden State Warriors.
  • 3 Kawhi Leonard. Small Forward, San Antonio Spurs.
  • 4 Stephen Curry. Point Guard, Golden State Warriors.
  • 5 Russell Westbrook. Point Guard, Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • 6 James Harden.
  • 7 Giannis Antetokounmpo.
  • 8 Anthony Davis.
  • Who are the Top 5 Best NBA players?

    But we digress–here are the top ten players in NBA history.

  • Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Wilt Chamberlain.
  • Magic Johnson.
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
  • Tim Duncan.
  • Bill Russell. NBA Vintage: Bill Russell.
  • Lebron James. LeBron James’s Funniest/Most Savage Moments.
  • Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays.
  • Who is the best player in the NBA today?

  • Anthony Davis, Pelicans.
  • Chris Paul, Rockets.
  • Russell Westbrook, Thunder.
  • James Harden, Rockets.
  • Kawhi Leonard, Spurs.
  • Stephen Curry, Warriors.
  • Kevin Durant, Warriors.
  • LeBron James, Cavaliers.
  • Who has made the most 3 pointers in the NBA?

    NBA/ABARankPlayer3P1.Ray Allen*29732.Reggie Miller*25603.Jason Terry22824.Kyle Korver22

    What NBA team has the most losses in a season?

    Most losses, seasonValueEntity73Philadelphia 76ers1972-7372Philadelphia 76ers2015-1671Dallas Mavericks1992-9371Denver Nuggets1997-

    Who has played the most games in NBA history?

    List of National Basketball Association career games played leadersRankPlayerSeasons1Robert Parish*212Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*203John Stockton*194Karl Malone*

    Who has the most wins?

    Quarterbacks with most total wins in NFL historyRankQuarterbackCareer wins1Tom Brady2232Peyton Manning2003Brett Favre19

    What is the best record in MLB history?

    Click the graphic to enlarge.

  • 1906 Cubs. Record: 116-36 (152 games) Winning percentage: .763.
  • 2001 Mariners. Record: 116-46. Winning percentage: .716.
  • 1998 Yankees. Record: 114-48. Winning percentage: .704.
  • 1954 Indians. Record: 111-43 (154 games)
  • 1909 Pirates. Record: 110-42 (152 games)
  • 1927 Yankees. Record: 110-44 (154 games)
  • How many games are played in the NBA regular season?

    Each time team must have at least 50 points. Generally, teams were playing 3.5 games in a week and 82 games took roughly 165-170 days through the end of regular season.

    What is the best record in the history of the NHL?

    While that Red Wings team surpassed the 1976-’77 Montreal Canadiens total of 60 wins, the 132 points tallyed by that Habs team (record 60–8–12) is still an NHL record. That year, the Canadiens outscored their opponents 387-171.

    What is the longest Stanley Cup winning streak?

    Stanley Cup win streaksTeamStanley Cup win streakConsecutive Stanley Cup winsMontreal Canadiens5 seasons1955–56 through to 1959–60Montreal Canadiens4 seasons1975–76 through to 1978–79New York Islanders4 seasons1979–80 through to 1982–83Toronto Maple Leafs3 seasons1946–47 through to 1948–49

    What is the highest scoring game in NBA history?

    The highest-scoring regular season game is the triple-overtime game between the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets on December 13, 1983. The two teams combined to score 370 points, with the Pistons defeating the Nuggets 186–184.

    What was the lowest scoring game in the NBA?

    As the clock mercifully ticked down to zero in the fourth quarter, the Pistons held a one point lead, 19 to 18. A missed Lakers’ shot at the buzzer gave the Pistons the win, and upset, in the lowest scoring game in NBA history. Mikan was “held” to a game high 15 points.

    What NBA player has the most points?

    NBA History – Points LeadersPoints LeadersRKPLAYERPTS1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar38,3872Karl Malone36,9283Kobe Bryant33,643

    What is the most points scored in a NFL game?

    113 points (New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins, 1966) The Washington Redskins and the New York Giants combined for a total of 113 points in one game on November 27, 1966, in Washington, D.C.. The Redskins outscored the Giants 72–41.

    What is the highest score in college basketball history?

    One year later, on February 2, 1954, Francis scored 113 against Hillsdale College, which had been the recognized highest total in United States college basketball history for 59 years; Grinnell’s Taylor scored 138 points on November 20, 2012 to set the new all-time NCAA all-divisions mark.

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