What is the toll on the Throgs Neck?

Cars*Tolls By Mail / CashE-ZPassQueens Midtown Tunnel$8.50$5.76 – 32% savingsRFK Bridge$8.50$5.76 – 32% savingsThrogs Neck Bridge$8.50$5.76 – 32% savingsVerrazano-Narrows Bridge (roundtrip toll collected entering Staten Island only)$17.00$11.52 – 32% savings

Simply so, what is the Throgs Neck?

Throggs Neck (also known as Throgs Neck) is a narrow spit of land in the southeastern portion of the borough of the Bronx in New York City. It demarcates the passage between the East River (an estuary), and Long Island Sound.

How much is Battery Tunnel toll?

Tolls on the Robert F. Kennedy, Throgs Neck, Bronx-Whitestone bridges and the Brooklyn–Battery and Queens Midtown tunnels will rise from $5.54 to $5.76 for E-ZPass users, and from $8 to $8.50 for cash payments.

Why do they call it the Throgs Neck Bridge?

The bridge is Throgs Neck–one ‘G’–that’s for certain. But for fans of history and the way things used to be, Throggs Neck is the name of the community. The name Throggs is originally named after John Throckmorton, who came to the Bronx in 1642 with a party to settle down.

Where does the Throgs Neck Bridge go to?

The Throgs Neck Bridge is a suspension bridge opened on January 11, 1961, which carries Interstate 295 over the East River where it meets the Long Island Sound. The bridge connects the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx with the Bay Terrace section of Queens.

How much is the Yonkers toll?

Fixed Barrier Cash Toll RatesNo.Barrier2L98New Rochelle1$1.756Yonkers$1.259*Tappan Zee Bridge2$5.0014Spring Valley3$ .0

How much is toll for George Washington Bridge?

Cars with E-ZPass tags will pay 75 cents more when they cross the George Washington, Bayonne and Goethals bridges and Outerbridge Crossing, or go through the Lincoln and Holland tunnels. That makes the E-ZPass peak toll $11 and the off-peak toll $9. Cars paying cash will continue to pay $13.

How much is the toll for the George Washington Bridge?

Tolls are slated to increase at the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, Goethals Bridge, Bayonne Bridge and the Outerbridge Crossing. For most commuters – those who drive vehicles with two axles and single rear wheels – cash tolls will increase from $14 to $15.

What bridges are free in NYC?

The following bridges in New York are toll free:

  • The Brooklyn Bridge.
  • The Manhattan Bridge.
  • The Williamsburg Bridge.
  • The Queensboro Bridge.
  • How much does it cost to go over the Outerbridge?

    (eastbound only) As of December 6, 2015: Cars $15.00 for cash. $12.50 for Peak (E-ZPass) $10.50 for Off-peak (E-ZPass)

    Which way do you pay the toll on the Verrazano Bridge?

    The current base toll for trucks at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is $19.24 with a NYCSC E-ZPass and $30 cash. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is only tolled in the Staten Island-bound direction in accordance with federal law; no toll is collected for drivers heading to Brooklyn.

    How much does it cost to cross the Outerbridge Crossing?

    Outerbridge Crossing: Links Staten Island and Perth Amboy. Off-peak E-ZPass toll: $9.75. Peak E-ZPass toll: $11.75. Cash fare: $14.

    How much does it cost to cross the Tappan Zee Bridge?

    The toll for Class 2L vehicles at the Tappan Zee Bridge is $5.00 (cash) or $4.75 (E-ZPass) at all times, except for those customers that have an individual E-ZPass account with a bridge commuter or carpool plan. The toll for 2 axle Motorhomes with the Motorhome plan is $4.75 at the Tappan Zee Bridge at all times.

    How much does it cost to cross the Verrazano Bridge?

    As of March 19, 2017, drivers pay the one-way toll (paid westbound into Staten Island only) $17.00 per car or $7.00 per motorcycle. E-ZPass users with transponders issued by the New York E ZPass Customer Service Center pay $11.52 per car or $5.00 per motorcycle; a five-axle truck pays $92, or $56.80 with NY E-ZPass.

    What is toll by mail?

    E-ZPass® New York – Overview. All vehicles traveling through the Henry Hudson Bridge without an E-ZPass ® transponder will receive a TOLL BILL. An Individual customer with a passenger vehicle is periodically sent TOLL BILL(s) for their toll facility usage.

    Is the RFK Bridge cashless?

    Drivers are automatically charged or sent a bill each month. The Henry Hudson Bridge, the Rockaway Bridges, the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, and the Queens Midtown Tunnel already have cashless tolling. The Verrazano Bridge is set to go cashless next month.

    Is Queens Midtown Tunnel toll both ways?

    The toll for E-ZPass drivers is $5.54. For everyone else, it’s $8. Vehicles are tolled in both directions. Cash toll booths are operated by MTA Bridges & Tunnels officers and there are no dedicated toll operators, so the transition to cashless tolling will not result in any lost jobs, McKniff said.

    How much does it cost to cross the Bayonne Bridge?

    The E-ZPass toll is just $6.25 per trip (plus $9.50 for each additional axle beyond two axles) at the Bayonne Bridge, Goethals Bridge, and Outerbridge Crossing, provided you make at least three Staten Island-bound trips in a calendar month that are not already discounted by another Port Authority Plan.*

    How much is the Verrazano Bridge toll for Staten Island residents?

    MTA Bridges and Tunnels Staten Island Residents *: As the result of an MTA Rebate Program residents are charged an effective toll rate of $5.50 (versus the $17.00 Tolls by Mail rate) at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, where tolls are collected only in the Staten Island-bound direction in accordance with federal law.

    How much does it cost to cross the Goethals Bridge?

    Cost – Starting Sunday, E-ZPass users will pay $11.75 to cross bridges from New Jersey into New York City during peak hours and $9.75 for off-peak. The cash toll will cost $14.

    How much was the Verrazano Bridge when it first opened?

    4. The cost to build the bridge, in 1964 dollars, was $320 million — which would be around $2.45 billion today.

    How deep is the East River in New York?

    In 1939 it was reported that the stretch from The Battery to the former Brooklyn Navy Yard near Wallabout Bay, a run of about 1,000 yards (910 m), was 40 feet (12 m) deep, the long section from there, running to the west of Roosevelt Island, through Hell Gate and to Throg’s Neck was at least 35 feet (11 m) deep, and

    Is there a toll to cross the Brooklyn Bridge?

    DOT owns, operates, and maintains 794 bridges and tunnels throughout New York, including the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg and Ed Koch Queensboro Bridges, 24 movable bridges, and five tunnels. There are no tolls on bridges operated by DOT.

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