What is the tone of the poem Phenomenal Woman?

In the poem, Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou cleverly conveys her message, theme and ideas through the use of poetic devices and techniques. she used 3 specifically; Irony, Imagery and Refrain. The tone of the poem is that of a strong, confident woman who does not bother what people think about her.

Consequently, what does the poem Phenomenal Woman mean?

In her poem „Phenomenal woman” Angelou speaks as a self-confident woman, she wants to show the world what makes her beautiful and she expresses it in a various way. Let’s start with the form of the poem. The poem is like a ballad, it is a free verse narrative.

How many stanzas does phenomenal woman have?

Phenomenal Woman is a loose rhyming lyrical poem, which strictly speaking means this is not a free verse poem. There are four stanzas. If you read it carefully, the rhymes definitely make a difference to the overall sound and feel of the poem, especially in the first six or seven lines of each stanza.

What does it mean to be a phenomenal woman?

A phenomenal woman has imperfections. She is phenomenal for what she does with her imperfections; she is phenomenal because she is true to herself. A phenomenal woman can be any shape or size. Creed, religion, age, sexual orientation, the family she was born into, or the colour of her skin do not matter.

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