What is the traditional definition of death?

The uniform determination of death. It states that: “An individual who has sustained either (1) irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions, or (2) irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem is dead.

Furthermore, what is the clinical definition of death?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clinical death is the medical term for cessation of blood circulation and breathing, the two criteria necessary to sustain the lives of human beings and of many other organisms. It occurs when the heart stops beating in a regular rhythm, a condition called cardiac arrest.

One may also ask, why is it important to have a definition of death?

General Definition It is important to define death because then doctors and other medical personnel can determine whether or not someone is dead. The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.

Can you hear after death?

Remember: hearing is thought to be the last sense to go in the dying process, so never assume the person is unable to hear you. Talk as if they can hear you, even if they appear to be unconscious or restless. If possible, lower lighting until it is soft, or light candles, making sure they burn in a safe place.

What does definition mean in English?

: to explain the meaning of (a word, phrase, etc.) : to show or describe (someone or something) clearly and completely. : to show the shape, outline, or edge of (something) very clearly.

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