Why is my baby sweating but no fever?

Kids with primary hyperhidrosis typically don’t sweat while sleeping. Secondary hyperhidrosis refers to generalized excessive sweating that occurs all over the body. It’s typically caused by an underlying medical condition or medication. Kids with secondary hyperhidrosis are also more likely to experience night sweats.

Also asked, is it normal for a baby to sweat on the head?

Sometimes babies sweat all over. Other times you may notice sweating or dampness in specific areas, like the hands, feet, or head. Again, this is quite normal. It’s true that in rare cases, sweating can signal a health issue.

Likewise, why does my baby feel warm but no fever?

A child may “feel hot” without having an actual increase in body temperature so if you think your child may have a fever and are concerned, USE A THERMOMETER to check the actual temperature. Mild fevers may be caused by too much clothing, recent exercise, hot weather or hot foods.

What causes excessive sweating on the head?

Primary hyperhidrosis is the most common type. It means the excessive sweating is not caused by a medical condition, physical activity, or increased temperature. Secondary hyperhidrosis is related to a medical condition or medication that causes excessive sweating, such as: heart disease.

Why is my 4 month olds head so hot?

An over-heated baby has a higher risk of SIDS. You know your baby is warm enough when your baby’s head is warm. Check the back of your baby’s neck, and take off a layer if your baby is sweating there. The temperature of the room should be comfortable for an adult.

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